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Preschool Spring Activity

Preschool Activity: Spring Vegetable Quilt

Spring is finally here! It does not yet look or feel like it, but it’s here and brings with it all kinds of activities you can do with the littles. While you are waiting for warm and dry weather, you have an opportunity to get the little ready. You can talk about flowers, weather changes,…

Self-awareness for toddlers

5 Books That Teach Self-Awareness & Self-Love to Your Toddler

Teaching self-awareness and self-love to a toddler is a huge responsibility because it will be the foundation of how they grow in perception of themselves and how they relate to the people they meet. It will also be the foundation of how they grow to understand their abilities and inabilities, uniqueness and eventually their confidence to proudly own who…

splish splash water park

PARK HOP Feature: SPLISH SPLASH Water Park Review

Summer time is when the children let loose. It’s when they forget about school and let their imaginations and energy run unrestricted. Well, at least that is how I imagine it. It’s the best time of year to enjoy all things outdoors. Before that all comes to an end, I wanted to highlight one of our…

Celebrating a Birthday with Your Toddler (3 and under)

How did May escape me so quickly? Fleeting months have been the trend, but I couldn’t get on with June without letting you all know what has been happening in the homeschooling world in the Smith home–one word: celebrating   We knew May was going to be a month of celebrations for us, so hubby helped…

homeschool as a supplement

Homeschooling As A Supplement Series – Setting the Foundation

As parents, we cannot determine the paths our children will take once they become students. We cannot choose their curricular passions, define their strengths, or overcome their weaknesses for them. We do, however, have the power to propel them towards the outer rims of their potential as lifelong learners.  To use a sports analogy, think…