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Preschool Spring Activity

Preschool Activity: Spring Vegetable Quilt

Spring is finally here! It does not yet look or feel like it, but it’s here and brings with it all kinds of activities you can do with the littles. While you are waiting for warm and dry weather, you have an opportunity to get the little ready. You can talk about flowers, weather changes,…

ideal mom retreat

The Ideal Mom Retreat

In my opinion, the ideal mom retreat is a place of refuge. It’s a place where you’re at peace, your focus is centered on enjoying that peace and you’re taking care of YOU mentally, physically and emotionally by doing what makes you feel good.   All year, I’ve been wanting 3 things: 1. to go on…

SELF CARE, super woman, black woman

Why is Self-Care So Important: Are You Not Super Woman?

So is the question that the stubborn woman asks. My husband often calls me his super woman. It’s a real ego booster for me—to know that I can accomplish so much and sometimes within very little time and help people. Super woman is a cool title considering all that the comic book version does. When you think…

Mom of the Month: May

Growing up, I was always told that a child’s behavior and character is a reflection of what the parents do or do not do in raising their children. That theory has shown itself to be true over the years. It is the very essence by which I decided to start this Mom of the Month…

The Truth About Recovering from Isolation

I was at an event this past week with my family. My son was so wrapped up in playing with his tablet that he lost all sense of awareness and had a huge accident all over himself. In the moment, I knew what to do: clean up as usual.  Then I find out, for lack of…