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I’m a firm believer in calling yourself the very thing you desire to be even if you don’t feel like you are there already. You have to see it in your mind to believe it and live it.

Chances are you are there and you don’t even see it yet. Chances are, life looks chaotic, or you’ve experienced a lot of disappointments so you don’t know where to continue. Chances are things just feel out of place so you can’t feel it yet, but you are indeed empowered!

So again I say, “Welcome Empowered Woman!”


My Name is Normel Smith and I’m a multi-faceted Professional Organizer & Accountability Partner. I can’t wait to get to know you.


I cater to the over-thinker, the over-analyzer. I’m passionate about helping women, especially moms create order for intentional living and to live empowered in their truth.

My vision far exceeds my current existence, but every day I look forward to another opportunity to meet that vision at the level of IT’s existence. And I want you to do so also stress-free.

I use my gifts and passions for organization and service to help women like you in their personal and business life to feel empowered around personal projects and lifestyle preferences and move forward in them by offering something that can sometimes be one of the hardest things for people to commit to: A Plan & Accountability. What I do is more than just the doing of things.

I help you get your mental state in check so that the doing is actually a result of you believing that you are someone great and fully capable! With the right state of mind, everything else falls into place.


How Did I Get There?


What I grew up thinking was my worst attribute was and is my strongest asset. I was always so giving of myself to people’s needs and even when I wanted to stop being that, I never did.

I was raised by a single mother and in that life, I learned to do things independently so I could help with my younger sister. As I grew older, so did my natural inclination to help people in their needs. Those needs varied, but no matter what they were, I was there to help. I eventually walked down a career path that nurtured and sharpened my ability to get people organized.

Being an administrative assistant and executive assistant in a variety of industries and at different levels for 10+ years gave me all the tools I needed to help other people grow and maintain balance.

My role in a single parent household was not always easy and I never truly understood all that it took to be on top of things with little support. It wasn’t until I myself became a mom that I was able to truly identify with how much of a struggle it can be if I were doing it alone.

My experiences growing up into womanhood and motherhood have taught me the importance of being organized and the impact disorganization can make on your finances, lifestyle choices and mental capacity to move forward. Once I accepted my truth that being a great helper was an asset, I said to myself, “I want help other people and make life-changing impact on the way they do life.”

But, My Passions Don’t End There…..


I obtained a Masters Degree in Public Administration from NYU’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service in my journey to change the statistics of poverty and struggle. Beyond that, I have found fulfillment in helping moms re-gain a sense of empowerment by helping them to feel valued and beautiful and equipping them with the knowledge to strengthen their thought life and therefore their homes.


Did I mention that I’m also super passionate about my family…


I’m a wife to an amazing man of God and a mom to an energetic little boy.


While being able to serve them is awesome, I also know how overwhelming it can be to manage life and how the biggest handicap can be your tendency to overthink your way AWAY from how you want to live your life.

When you want the best for people, I get it, the overwhelm of wanting to do everything just swallows you up. But together we will make them a source of inspiration and create order to bring peace to your mind and peace to your home-life.




On the Blog


I’m passionate about a lot of things, but these three topics are major for me:


I’m serving you up some great topics around relationship with God, home education, motherhood, the world of giving beyond yourself and your family and how your identity is tied into what you are naturally inclined to do (not out of mere obligation, but out of the passion of your heart). I venture into a myriad of lifestyle topics with the intent of guiding and loving on you through your journey from womanhood to motherhood and motherhood to womanhood. Here I feed your soul and empower your thinking as you get your mental and personal life in order.

And You Want To Know The Best Part?


I will be sending you tools, resources and guides to help with everyday living. Things like books to read with your kids, activities to do with your children, faith-based resources, discounts on services and more to help you declutter your brain space and make the day-to-day easier. Why? Because when your mind is clear, it makes the path to personal organization easier.

Sounds Awesome, Sign Me Up!

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