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splish splash water park

PARK HOP Feature: SPLISH SPLASH Water Park Review

Summer time is when the children let loose. It’s when they forget about school and let their imaginations and energy run unrestricted. Well, at least that is how I imagine it. It’s the best time of year to enjoy all things outdoors. Before that all comes to an end, I wanted to highlight one of our…

The Benefits of Consistently Exposing Children To Music

Can you go back to a time where music had a positive effect on you? How did it make you feel? Where did your mind go? How did you carry it with you everyday?   For me:  In college the art of stepping was such a physical release for me — music and sound made with…

3 Craft Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls have been a hot commodity in my house! BUT, not for the reasons you would be thinking right about now. While toilet tissue is a necessity to every home, the biggest reward is the cardboard roll you get at the end. Who knew? The crafts that can come from toilet rolls are plenty, but I’m sticking…