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happy new year resolutions

Why I Won’t Teach My Kids About New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes I feel bad for my family. I can be very meticulous and it can translate into the constant need to correct something. There’s fine tuning, analyzing, maybe even over organizing and over analyzing—sometimes the smallest of things. It can get out control if it’s not tamed. I recognize though that there are those times where it really matters. It’s in the…

natural remedies for eczema

Battling Eczema: Natural Remedies

My son started school full-time for the 1st time at 3 years old. Within the first few months, he experienced an onset of symptoms of eczema. Some kids get ear infections or cold symptoms or the flu when exposed a different environment other than home for the first time (i.e. school). In Aaron’s case, his…

ideal mom retreat

The Ideal Mom Retreat

In my opinion, the ideal mom retreat is a place of refuge. It’s a place where you’re at peace, your focus is centered on enjoying that peace and you’re taking care of YOU mentally, physically and emotionally by doing what makes you feel good.   All year, I’ve been wanting 3 things: 1. to go on…

zootopia and thanksgiving

5 Lessons on Thanksgiving from Zootopia

Thanksgiving rings of all sorts of traditions because of the diverse country in which we live. It’s a universal staple that families across the country will be sharing love and laughter with family and friends over a delicious meal. However, in my personal experiences with family, games and movies, like Zootopia, were perfectly coupled with the…

macaroni reivew

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Will Love “ Macaroni ”

There are many things my little Aaron loves in life. A couple of the top rated to date are music (which most of you already know) and macaroni (in any shape, form and flavor). It goes without saying that these things have a way of making him drop everything that he’s doing and getting him…