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Self-awareness for toddlers

5 Books That Teach Self-Awareness & Self-Love to Your Toddler

Teaching self-awareness and self-love to a toddler is a huge responsibility because it will be the foundation of how they grow in perception of themselves and how they relate to the people they meet. It will also be the foundation of how they grow to understand their abilities and inabilities, uniqueness and eventually their confidence to proudly own who…

elephant and piggie

Mo Willems Brings Elephant Gerald & Piggie To Life in an Off-Broadway Musical

Who are Elephant Gerald and Piggie? None other than the stars of a book series written by Mo Willems, an award-winning writer who is also known for his work with Sesame Street. In January, I had the pleasure of seeing six of those books come to life in one play, titled “We are in a Play.” In the…

#Motivation Monday: It’s Time to Bounce Back

Do you know the history behind Labor Day? I never actually took the time to look it up until today. As a descendent of West Indian/Caribbean culture, I always recognized it as a day all where all the west indian folk came to celebrate their individual cultures together. Various people come together in carnival like…

The Truth About Anger

Over the years I’ve learned not to let certain things move me. I came to the realization and understanding that anger in and of itself resolves nothing. What matters most is what you choose to do with that anger and how you choose to respond.   I can get angry with family members, with friends,…