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ideal mom retreat

The Ideal Mom Retreat

In my opinion, the ideal mom retreat is a place of refuge. It’s a place where you’re at peace, your focus is centered on enjoying that peace and you’re taking care of YOU mentally, physically and emotionally by doing what makes you feel good.   All year, I’ve been wanting 3 things: 1. to go on…

scraped knees,

Book Review: Scraped Knees

There is nothing surprising about the fact that life can be incredibly convoluted with relationships, careers and basic life decisions. It’s equally not surprising that life can also be incredibly simple if we allow it to be so. Knowing these things reminds me how interesting life can be. Many times those experiences bring pain, embarrassment,…

Out of the Box April Challenge – Challenge #2

Normel SmithWife to an amazing husband, mother to an exploring toddler and an MPA graduate aspiring to impact the world with encouragement in mothering and in social entrepreneurship.http://www.normeltalks.com

You Are In Control of Your Atmosphere

Life leaves us the most beautiful lessons through our relationships (good or bad). I often believe that it is one of God’s ways of communicating things to us that we would not have realized other wise(good or bad). I have learned a lot about myself in raising my son so far and I know that its…

battling eczema

Battling Eczema: The Faith Perspective (Embracing Stubbornness)

I love to preface my posts with a story because I tend to find the most interesting connections in the seemingly unconnected things. Its no different this time around when I talk about myself being one of the most stubborn people I know and how that characteristic has played an important role in my faith…