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ideal mom retreat

The Ideal Mom Retreat

In my opinion, the ideal mom retreat is a place of refuge. It’s a place where you’re at peace, your focus is centered on enjoying that peace and you’re taking care of YOU mentally, physically and emotionally by doing what makes you feel good.   All year, I’ve been wanting 3 things: 1. to go on…

scraped knees,

Book Review: Scraped Knees

There is nothing surprising about the fact that life can be incredibly convoluted with relationships, careers and basic life decisions. It’s equally not surprising that life can also be incredibly simple if we allow it to be so. Knowing these things reminds me how interesting life can be. Many times those experiences bring pain, embarrassment,…

SELF CARE, super woman, black woman

Why is Self-Care So Important: Are You Not Super Woman?

So is the question that the stubborn woman asks. My husband often calls me his super woman. It’s a real ego booster for me—to know that I can accomplish so much and sometimes within very little time and help people. Super woman is a cool title considering all that the comic book version does. When you think…

black lives matter

Black America & My Black Home (#blacklivesmatter)

I grieve, I hurt, I bleed internally because I feel the pain of those (Black America) who have suffered and lost life at the hands of abusers with badges. I feel the pain of those related them. I feel the pain of those who are afraid. I feel the pain of a black mother as a…

The Power of Humility

Humility! I’m moved to talk about how the presence of it strengthens a relationship and the lack thereof hurts relationships.    Or even how the lack of it can be detrimental to an individual and the presence of it can be rewarding and liberating. I used to work with someone who was doing well in…