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Preschool Spring Activity

Preschool Activity: Spring Vegetable Quilt

Spring is finally here! It does not yet look or feel like it, but it’s here and brings with it all kinds of activities you can do with the littles. While you are waiting for warm and dry weather, you have an opportunity to get the little ready. You can talk about flowers, weather changes,…

preschool saxophone craft

Preschool Activity: Black History

How do you teach black history to a toddler? By now, you would have realized that I’m very big on reading with your children. The benefits are amazing and by setting a foundation your child will grow up loving to read. That is how we started our Black History month project.   I found just the…

preschool - penguins

Preschool Activity: Penguins

Winter is a fun season for preschool activities. Everything from snowmen, to snowflakes to winter gear is fare game. In January, Aaron and I decided to learn about Penguins–not exclusive to winter, but they are all about the cold like New Yorkers in January right?.  Since we are continuing our part-time homeschooling journey, our Penguin project…

5 Back to School Readiness Steps for the Homeschooler

If you recall, in May I started the “Homeschooling as Supplement” series (2 installments left so stay tuned) because of a question that was posed to me by a reader. I became increasingly interested in the topic as the articles unfolded because I was considering sending Aaron to a preschool (for reasons I’ll discuss in…

Homeschooling As A Supplement Series – Educational Philosophies & Ideals

One commonality that exists between my wife’s life journey and my own is that our past educational experiences have played vital roles in charting the courses for our respective paths and life philosophies.  She specifically recalls her middle school years and how so many aspects of her life had changed. She began to understand herself, her…